BBD radioshow 09.02.2013 – “… good to me”

01. Pat Metheny: Finding and Believing (first minutes)
02. Pat Metheny Group: Eighteen (first minutes)
03. Wayne Johnson Trio: Arrowhead
04. Pat Metheny: Lone Jack (from Trio 99->00, first seconds)
05. Pat Metheny Group: Lone Jack (first minutes)
06. Pat Metheny Group: Red Sky (first minutes)
07. Pat Metheny Group: Better Days Ahead
08. Pat Metheny Group: Tell It All (first minutes)
09. Pat Metheny Group: James (first minutes)
10. Pat Metheny Group: Follow Me (first minutes)
11. Pat Metheny: Into The Dream (from Trio->Live, with 42-string guitar, live somewhere in Europe, Japan or USA during 1999 or 2000)
12. Jim Hall & Pat Metheny: The Birds and the Bees – dedicated to Attila Zoller
13. Pat Metheny: Above The Treetops
14. Ennio Morricone: Navajo Joe
15. Pat Metheny Group: The Girls Next Door (first minutes)
16. US3: Recognise and Realise
17. Beaujolais Band: Ain’t No Sunshine (doubled at intro)
18. Snowboy: Beyond The Snowstorm
19. Monty Alexander: Carnival in Jamaica
20. Gal Costa: Divino Maravilhoso
21. France Gall mit Werner Müller und sein Orchester: A Banda
22. Dzamble: Musze Miec Dziewczyne (Gotta Have a Woman)
23. George Benson: I Got a Woman
24. Ray Charles: I Got a Woman
25. Chase: Ennea, 1. Cronus
26. Ananda Shankar & His Music: Streets of Calcutta
27. Los Chicharrons: Papa’s Got a Brand New Pigbag (Fifi Meets The Zombies)
28. Los Chicharrons: Chicharron ‘n’ Boogaloo (first minutes)
29. Los Chicharrons: East Meets West (first minutes)
30. Los Chicharrons: Clap Yo Boomba
31. Los Chicharrons: Blow For You Blow For Me (first seconds)
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