BBD radioshow 07.01.2013 – after digging in Berlin, 2nd round, 1st part

after digging in Berlin, 2nd round, 1st part

01. Jujus feat. Sarah Webster Fabio: Alchemy of the Blues
02. Johnny Pearson: Action in Memphis (KPM)
03. Brian Bennett: Bourbon (KPM)
04. Keith Mansfield: Utility Cue (KPM)
05. Dave Richmond: Confunktion (KPM)
06. Medeski, Martin & Wood: Midnight Poppies / Crooked Birds
07. Raul de Souza: Banana Tree (Bananeira)
08. Brian Bennett: Samba School (KPM)
09. Henri Guédon et l’orchestre d’harmonie du Havre: Yorub’ Haitian Suite
10. Chakachas: Un Rayo Del Sol
11. The Button Down Brass feat. The Funky Trumpet of Ray Davies: The Virginian
12. Novi Singers: Off Season
13. David Lindup: The Fast Machine (KPM)
14. Pierre Henry: Psyché Rock
15. Johnny Pearson: Thunderbird (KPM)
16. Ennio Morricone: Navajo Joe – from ‘Navajo Joe’
17. The Button Down Brass feat. The Funky Trumpet of Ray Davies: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
18. Paul Martin: Peasants Pastures (Bruton)
19. Ennio Morricone: The Ecstasy of Gold – from ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’
20. Jefferson Airplane: Today
21. It’s a Beautiful Day: White Bird
22. Jefferson Airplane: Embryonic Journey
23. Terry Callier: When The Music is Gone (live at Jazz Café, London, 2008)
24. Henri Guédon et l’orchestre d’harmonie du Havre: Lapin Chaudé (Karamel)
25. Jujus feat. Sarah Webster Fabio: Sweet Songs
26. Yvan Julien (aka Big Julien): Rocky’s Chair (KPM)
27. Grant Green: The Windjammer
28. Brian Bennett: Quantum (KPM)

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KPM catch in Berlin by tmnk

For Carl Mack

Sweet Songs,
you said,
we’re gonna come
again, My Man,
and didn’t they?
Jetted in on
a ray of radiance
like the sun
to shine on those
in our midst and
the still unborn
in this hour
of our great need.

You prophesied
the return of
mandolins and
tambourins and
thinking bells,
triangles and
cymbals, and they
sided in on beams
from Prahaoh
as I slept,
taking me
my mind.

by Cyril Leslie Fabio III

Solemnly mine,
Universal Man,
Thinking, feeling,
loving, teaching, and learning,
rapping with the gods
while soul claps hand
in a communion,
solely mine.

I still hear
Those fun bells,
those we-are-one
bells, distant now
then near
like a sounding
and I know
soon now the
sweet songs are
gonna pour
like rain
from our love-torn
souls one more time.
. . . . Yeah,
. . . . . . . . Yeah.
Right On.
Right On.
One More Time.
Right On.”

(typed from the booklet of the record)

BBD radioshow 12.19.2011

15:16 (sorry for the late, was in another studio to record some music for my wednesday morning set)
#01-12. first 12 songs from Tomanek: Criminal Christmas I. (full tracklist here)
01. Raimond Pauls: Staying Alive (Melodia)
02. Charming Boys: Car Chase – from ‘Super Chase’ (Charming/MZEE)
03. I Gres: Tropical (Irma)
04. David Holmes: 160 Million Dollar Chinese Man – from ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ (Warner Bros)
05. Elvis Presley: A Little Less Conversation – from ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ (Warner Bros)
06. Mirageman: Thunder (Irma)
07. Charming Boys: War – from ‘Super Chase’ (Charming/MZEE)
08. Santa Esmeralda: Don’t let me be misunderstood – from ‘Kill Bill’ (Philips/Fauves-Pume)
09. Lalo Schifrin: Most Wanted Theme (CTI)
10. Bill Conti: Melina’s Revenge – from ‘James Bond: For Your Eyes Only’ (Liberty)
11. Henry Mancini: Main Theme from ‘Streets of San Francisco’ (RCA)
12. Quincy Jones: Theme from ‘The Anderson Tapes’ (A&M) & sample from ‘The Sins’ (BBC Worldwide)

already at the right studio, began with some Polish beats:
13. Slime & Printempo: Telefonarium
14. Printempo & Slime: Dzwiekostan
15. Cuefx: Whale (Blossom remix)
16. Printempo: A Day In The Park
17. Mellif: Wspomnienia z lata (Printempo 1 wrzenia)
18. Mellif: Wspomnienia z lata
19. Zespol Instrumentalny Tadeusza Prejznera: Your Grass
20. Audycja zawiera lokowanie produktu (music from a Polish advertisement as i think)
21. Tilos szilveszteri szpot, a szilveszter minek van
22. Chico Buarque & Nara Leao: Joao e Maria (first seconds, good ones)
23. Peca: Szedem magam
24. Fixi 4: Sanyi elment pingpongozni
25. Peca: Korán van
26. Kokolo (Afrobeat Orchestra): Trouble Come Trouble Go (csetes biztosítékkiütés után)
27. The Beginning of The End: Mondkey Tamarind
28. Salif Keita: Madan (Martin Solveig Exotic Tool)
Kontúr radio show

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sci-fi pályázat szavazás
2011. december 21. szerda 00-24h: sci-fi tematikus nap a Tilos Rádióban