BBD radioshow 07.27.2020 – Library Music, part one

00. Frank Ricotti – Busy Vibes [Light busy scenes] (Bruton Music, BRS6)

Library Music, part one
01. John Fiddy – Constructions 4 [driving string pattern] (Sonoton)
02. Michel Gonet – Warm Moments [Piano électrique – Slow-romantic] (Crea Sound Ltd.)
03. Bob Elger aka Roland Kovac And His Orchestra feat. Dusko Goikovich – The Story of Mitsouko [Blues, trumpet-solo, strings, guitar without rhythm, sentimental, thoughtful mood] (Selected Sound)
04. Roland Baumgartner – Depression (Depressed) [Abwarten; Bedrückung; “dunkle Wolken”; Hoffnungslosigkeit; schelchte Aussichten] (Cosmos)
05. Gerhard Trede aka Victor Cavini & His Music – Brown Eyes [Medium Bossa Beat; guitar solo with man’s voice, multi-purpose, colorful pictures, country + people, journey] (Selected Sound)
06. Lou Stein – Metropolis (Sonata, in 3 movements. a) Meeting Place b) Feeling Our Way c) Metropolis) [A get-together of people. A happy feeling, leading to a moody feeling. Modern city life in helter skelter setting. Confusion of vehicular traffic.] (Music Scene)
07. Roger’s New Conception – Expectation (Crea Sound Ltd.)
08. Andy Loore aka Janko Nilovic – Island Tour (Jazz 5/4 – Intro basse pizz. – Théme avec: flúte – trompette – rhtymes at orgue) [Medium-fast – muted trumpet – flute – rhythm section] (Crea Sound Ltd.)
09. Jean-Michel Lorgere – Traffic Light [L’implacable mouvement de la circulation] (Sonimage)
10. Dave Sarkys – Wall Paper Music [vocal group – distorted guitar – organ – rhythms] (Mondiophone)
11. Paul Kass aka Johnny Hakwsworth – Southern Sunshine (Jazz petite formation – flute at rythmes) [Medium-slow – flute – brass – rhythm section] (Crea Sound Ltd.)
12. Roland Kovac & Dusko Goykovich – Autobahn – 24 Tracks (Gm-Abm) Fast [Action, fast mouvements, journey, sports, panorama, reports, modern world] (Selected Sound)
13. Ralf Nowy – Holidays in Kenia [Typusch afrikanisch, Holzbläser, Boo-Bams, Kalimba] (Palm Records)
14. Delle Haensch Orchestra – Super Transonic Flight II [As A/2, only rhythm group with synthesizer, compulsive rhythm, tearing impulses and drives, industry] (Selected Sound)
15. Bob Elger aka Roland Kovac & Dusko Goykovich – Super Baby (F) Medium Rock [Topicality, reports, sports, traffic, children, animals, fashion, gags] (Selected Sound)
16. John Fiddy – Assembly Lines [funky brass fantare to sequenced rhythm at 0’15; bridge at 1’10; reprise at 2’19] (Sonoton)
17. Alessandro Alessandroni – Organising And Supervising (Gemini Music Library/Penta Flowers)
18. Roger’s New Conception – Informatic 2000 (Crea Sound Ltd.)
19. Michel Gonet – Mist [Synthétiseurs/Piano électrique – Slow-dreamy] (Crea Sound Ltd.)
20. Andy Loore aka Janko Nilovic – Midnight Theme (Flute et orgue – rythmes libres – vibraphone) [Slow – flute – organ – rhythm section] (Crea Sound Ltd.)
21. Dave Sarkys – Mangalpur [electric guitar solo – organ – flute – rhythms] (Mondiophone)
22. Jean-Michel Lorgere – Wouap [En cadence] (Sonimage)
23. Lou Stein – Stayin’ In There [A moment of drudgery with a happy ending] (Music Scene)
24. Attila Zoller Group feat. Roland Kovac – Goukai [Combo with percussions, exciting but cheerful, ecstatic, modern world, any king of movement, rushing people, aggressive, match. Afro Beat] (Selected Sound)
25. Dusko Goykovich & Roland Kovac – Antilope (Db) Fast [Fast 1/8 with strings, driving power and driving mouvements] (Selected Sound)
26. Attila Zoller Group – Soul Beat [Hard movement, straight rhythm, modern world, traffic, sport, intensification, long final chord.] (Selected Sound)
27. Dave Sarkys – Commodore [vocal group – guitars -organ – ryhthms] (Mondiophone)
28. Jean-Michel Lorgere – Strange Night [Les couleurs bizarres de la nuit] (Sonimage)
29. Andy Loore aka Janko Nilovic – One Way Street (Théme de jazz avec: trompette et flute – improvisations – vibraphone et rythmes) [Trumpet and flute – vibes – jazz theme – rhythm section] (Crea Sound Ltd.)
30. The Terence Yucca Band – Kiss Me Kiss (Happy Swing) [“Happy Vocalising” accompanied by Brass, Fender Piano and Rhythm Section] (Studio One/Berry Music)
31. Dusko Goikovich And His Music feat. Pietro Leguani aka Roland Kovac and Ode Henessy – Summer Song [Medium Beat, graceful, light, vacation, sailing, cycling, flirtation, youth] (Selected Sound)
32. Gerhard Trede aka Victor Cavini & His Music – Midnight Man [Fast Big Band Beat; flute, guitar + organ solo, powerful, action, crime, industry, dynamic] (Selected Sound)
33. Bob Elger And His Orchestra – Hunter’s Beat [Medium Beat, modern hunting, happening, victory, motion, tension, any kind of racing, fast action, pursuit] (Selected Sound)
34. Dusko Goikovich And His Music feat. Pietro Leguani aka Roland Kovac and Ode Henessy – Tell It Like It Is [Medium Beat Fox, Jazz-Beat, sport, leirsure-time, vital, indolent. battering rhytm] (Selected Sound)
35. Andy Loore aka Janko Nilovic – Take Ten (Théme de jazz moderne avec: trompette – vibraphone – improvisations et rythmes) [Medium – jazz – vibes – brass – rhythm section] (Crea Sound Ltd.)
36. Jean-Michel Lorgere – Runway [Rythme rapide. Le Rush á travers la ville] (Sonimage)

37. Orlando Kimber / John Keliehor – Luminous Forces 1. [Strange insistant rhythmic underlay] (Bruton Music, BRR18)
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Library Music, part one