november 6 2016

IRODALMI LÉPEGETŐ: Selection for the Election

Marty Miles-Jack Silver – My Son the President: Candidate Interview
Sugarloaf Gangsters – Samba Swat
Gerald Lee: Black Shampoo – Soft / On the Move/ The Chase / The Search

Marty Miles-Jack Silver – Cabinet Appointments / Press Conference
Warren Barker and His Orchestra – Peter Gunn / The Unforgettables

David Frye – Richard Nixon Superstar: The Economy / Power Politics
Warren Barker and His Orchestra – Theme From Route 66

David Frye – The Advisor
Warren Barker and His Orchestra – Theme from the Man from Uncle

David Frye – The Southern Strategy
Gagle – EB

David Frye – The Loyal Opposition
Salsoul Orchestra – West Side Story

The Invention of Presidency: The Grand General Convention / Compromise on State Representation
Del da Funky Homosapien – Fake as F**k (instrumental)

Election by the People Debate / Second Term of Presidency Opposed
Del da Funky Homosapien – If you Must (Instrumental / Automator Instrumental)

The J.F. Kennedy With: The Family
Chameleon (Mutiny Remix Instrumental)

The J.F. Kennedy-Nixon Debate
Gang Starr – Skills (INstrumental)

The Concession by Richard Nixon / The J.F. Kennedy Inauguration
Monk Higgins – Slim’s Return (Madlib Reedit)

Kennedy Civil Rights Speech, June 11, 1963.
Lionel Hampton – Midnight Sun

John F. Kennedy West Berlin June 26, 1963.
Lionel Hampton – Love is Here To Stay

J.F. Kennedy – Te Test Ban: A Report to the Nation, JUly 26 ,1963 / Fort Worth Texas, 22 November, 1963
Peter Nero – Gloomy Sunday

Robert F. Kennedy: Campaign Speech / June 5th 1968 Ambassador Hotel, LA
Pierre Bachelet – Black and White in Color: Ivory Coast Drums

Robert F. Kennedy – Last Recorded Words Actual Assassination
Pierre Bachelet – Finale

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