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IPEM – 50 years of electronic and electroacoustic music at the Ghent University

Various Artists – IPEM – Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music


In commemoration of IPEM’s 50th anniversary, Metaphon presents a lavishly illustrated 88 page book (all text in Dutch and English) with two CDs featuring Lucien Goethals, Didier Gazelle, Louis De Meester, David Van de Woestijne, Stefan Beyst, Helmut Lachenmann, Boudewijn Buckinx, Karel Goeyvaerts, Emmanuel Van Weerst, Peter Beyls, Raoul De Smet, Frank Nuyts, Ricardo Mandolini, Peter Schuback, Stephen Montague and Yves Knockaert. All tracks were recorded at the IPEM studio between 1963 and 1999, mastered from the original tapes. Most tracks are previously unreleased. Vinyl version comes out late may in an edition of 300 copies and contains 3LP’s
IPEM is not a teaching organisation. IPEM was founded in 1963, as a joint venture between the Belgian Radio and Television broadcasting company (BRT) and Ghent University. The idea was to combine audio engineering with music production, thus building a bridge between scientific research and artistic research.
The institute was first located in the electronics laboratory of Prof. H. dr. ir. Vuylsteke, but soon after it was associated with the department of musicology, which was lead by Prof. dr. J.L. Broeckx and later on by Prof. dr. H. Sabbe. Together with ir. W. Landrieu, they developed the institute into a music studio and a center for the study of contemporary music.
Music production at IPEM was lead by the composers L. De Meester, K. Goeyvaerts and L. Goethals, all employed by the BRT. They realized many compositions and radio transmissions related to contemporary music.
Since 1968, research results at IPEM were published in yearbooks. In collaboration with Sonology (then at Utrecht), this resulted in 1972 in an international journal, called Interface – Journal of New Music Research.
Since 1987, IPEM has grown to a center with more than 30 researchers working on music.
It is currently the research centre of the Department of Musicology at the University of Ghent, and exists for the study of contemporary music with a particular interest in new musicological methods and scientific research in the area of psycho-acoustics, interactive multimedia technologies and their applications, the archiving and preserving of sound and research into emotions and expressions related to music. The Institute organises concerts, summer courses, symposia. 

Various Artists – IPEM – Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music:

1. Louis de Meester : Incantations  (6:36)
2. Lucien Goethals : Studie 1 (5:26)
3. DIdier Gazelle : Studie 1 (3:12)
4. Louis de Meester : Cadenza (from Dialogos) (4:59)
5. David Van De Woestijne : Les Céphalopode (5:41)
6. Stefan Beyst : Ekreksis (4:44)
7. Helmut Lachenmann : Scenario (12:33)
8. Boudewijn Buckinx : Simparolo (3:41)
9. Karel Goeyvaerts : Nachklänge aus dem Theater (part 1) (5:09)
10. Emmanuel Van Weerst : Monochroom (6:25)
11. Peter Beyls : Prints (9:27)
12. Raoul de Smet : Torso (tape part) (7:09)

13. Ricardo Mandolini : El Cuaderno del Alquimista (9:29)
14. Frank Nuyts : Chile (Part1) (7:52)
15. Peter Schuback : L’ombre négatif de Monsieur Sandomir (9:13)
16. Stephen Montague : Slow dance on a burial ground  (24:34)
17. Yves Knockaert : Foto II (from Portraits) (12:01)
18. Lucien Goethals : Dendrofonies  (11:20)