Roberto Cacciapaglia


Roberto Cacciapaglia (born in Milan) is an Italian pianist and composer.
Cacciapaglia received his degree in music composition from the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, under the direction of Bruno Bettinelli. While at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi he also studied orchestra direction and electronic music. Roberto has also worked for the Department of Phonology at RAI (Italy’s national television station) in Milan and has collaborated with the CNR (National Research Council) of Pisa, where he studied computer applications in the field of music.
Cacciapaglia is a prominent figure on the more innovative Italian music scene and a point of reference in Italy and abroad, for his musical research between classical and experimental electronic and direction towards music without borders that goes beyond divisions. For some time, he was involved in studying sacred music and dance, and for a number of years he has conducted a research effort that studies the powers of sound. His music draws inspiration from these experiences and passes through emotions rather than through traditional rules and structure.
His full legacy extending not only over the field of electronic music, but also into avant-gardism, into a (decidedly) different language of rock, into computer-based music or natural experimenting, into classical opuses and into concept-filled fresh, generic art-leaning language.
In his music, Cacciapaglia generally blurs (or melds, better said) the line between classical and electronic, between orchestral and soloistic designated playing, between fully-researched and improvised music, between tradition(al) and emotion-driven ingenuity. Much of what he offers is down with avant-garde impulses and with an artistic superior code.


Selected discography: 


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