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 I present the following Roberto Cacciapaglia‘s musics.

Roberto Cacciapaglia ‎– Sonanze


An influential member of the Italian avant-garde, Roberto Cacciapaglia has spent the last four decades blurring the lines between classical and electronic music, developing a sound that has never been restricted by genre. A classically trained pianist and composer from Milan, Cacciapaglia first came to prominence in the early seventies as keyboardist for the king of experimental Italian pop, Franco Battiato on his legendary second LP Pollution. After recording his own debut LP, 1975’s Sonanze in Milan, Cacciapaglia traveled to the Ohr / Cosmic Couriers studios in Cologne to mix the results under the watchful of eye of krautrock overlord Rolf-Kaiser Ulrich (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra Tempel). The resulting album was a mix of electronic (moog, synth) and classical instruments (guitar, oboe, trombone, clarinet) that was experimental in the cosmische sense.
Cacciapaglia self-produced the album in Milan for the Cosmic Couriers label, and it certainly brings echoes of some cosmiche kraut experiments like those of Popol Vuh, Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream, yet retaining a unique personality of its own.
Actually it’s the feel given by Cacciapaglia‘s mixture of classical sense compositions with adventurous experimentalism what makes the sound of Sonanze so unique. Through this work, Cacciapaglia entered into contact with various German music groups such as: Popol Vuh, Tangerine Dream, Wallenstein, Dieter Darks.
180 gram vinyl. Comes with a bonus CD of the album, includes15 bonus tracks recorded between 1972-74.

1. Roberto Cacciapaglia ‎– Sonanze (2013, LP + CD, Мирумир ‎– MR 100702)

Sonanze / Sonances
1. 1st Movement
2. 2nd Movement
3. 3rd Movement
4. 4th Movement
5. 5th Movement
6. 6th Movement
7. 7th Movement
8. 8th Movement
9. 9th Movement
10. 10th Movement

Roberto Cacciapaglia ‎– Sei Note In Logica / Six Notes


Sublime minimal sounds from Italian composer Robert Cacciapaglia – a record we’d rank right up there with the 70s best from Terry Riley, Steve Reich, and Philip Glass! Cacciapaglia follows in a tradition begun by other Italian modernists – like Giusto Pio and Franco Battiatto – but he also adds in phase-oriented playing that really opens things up – a beautifully lyrical vibe that’s probably most close to Terry Riley in its hypnotic swell, but which is carried off here through complicated variations of strings, woodwinds, electronics, marimba, and some especially great vocal passages! The cover’s as wonderful as the music.
Cacciapaglia‘s second album from 1979 featuring the title composition scored for voices, orchestra, and computer. This newly remastered edition also includes the original unreleased acoustic version. This early LP is an anomaly in his output and seems to be his take on the then-current Minimal trend, as the music and instrumentation is highly reminiscent of both Fred Rzewski’s “Coming Together” and Steve Reich’s “Octet” (which, to be fair, Cacciapaglia probably hadn’t heard since it came out at the same time as this LP). But the wild card here is the incorporation of computer sounds–pretty novel for the time, and used to awesome effect. A massive influence on Jim O’Rourke (just ask him) and I’ll bet Fennesz is well aware of this disc as well. Ace photo of a tennis court on the cover too (a pretty Minimalist sport, when you think about it).” Alan Licht – Minimal top ten

2. Roberto Cacciapaglia ‎– Sei Note In Logica / Six Notes (2001, CD, Proper ‎– SP005)

Sei Note In Logica
1. Sei Note In Logica (Original Version) First Part
2. Sei Note In Logica (Original Version) Second Part

3. Roberto Cacciapaglia ‎– Sonanze (2013, LP + CD, Мирумир ‎– MR 100702)

11. Skywaves
12. Electric Avenues
13. Birds Over Prague

4. Roberto Cacciapaglia ‎– Sei Note In Logica / Six Notes (2001, CD, Proper ‎– SP005)

Six Notes
1. Six Notes (Acoustic Version) First Part
2. Six Notes (Acoustic Version) Second Part *

You can listen here (beginning from 0:34):

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